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The Terrace, Barnes, London, SW13


This row of attractive houses dates from 1740. Some of the larger houses were let to Londoners as summer residences only, as it was too damp to reside here in the winter! The smaller ones were occupied by watermen from as early as the 14th Century. The railway bridge was built in 1849 and is famous today for being the last major landmark of the Oxford and Cambridge boat race. Its shadow can be seen in the picture.

To the extreme left of the painting is a large white building called "Ye White Hart." This was built in 1622, and is possibly the oldest pub in Barnes. It had a landing stage in 1840 where passengers could embark for Margate. It was substantially rebuilt in1900.

Pen, Ink & Water Colour.
Limited Edition 100.

Gylcee print on Hahnemulhe acid free archive watercolour paper.
Single sided mount.

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